Electric Heater Suppliers


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Looking for recommendations for wall mounted electric heaters for a granny flat. I need to purchase 2 *1000w (9 sq feet rooms) and 1 *2000w (26sq ft room) Ideally smartphone controlled.Have looked at a couple of suppliers and got one quote of 1300 euros. Understand the running costs are high but for now no option for gas/oil.


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What about split air to air units? You can have multiple indoor units linked to a single outdoor unit. Cheaper to run. I looked into wall mounted electric units with ceramic internals to extend the heating cycle, mostly German makes like lucht or similar but all around 600-800 each and the Gateway was 250 to get smartphone controls. Dimplex do have wifi enabled units in their range that might get you the remote connectivity you're after. Haven't looked into those controls for the air to air though. Obviously a hole or two in the wall and running pipes to the air/air header units might not be possible depending on the room layout but I know a guy who installed one himself in a garage he lives out of, mr slim - precharged but depends how adventurous you are.....! Get an expert otherwise.
If that quote was for 3x units that was actually good!!