ECB calls for unlocking of EU Aid


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Facing gloomy outlook, LaGarde calls for unlocking EU Aid

"Christine Lagarde also said today that the European Central Bank could 'neither go bankrupt nor run out of money' even if it were to suffer losses on the multi-trillion-euro pile of bonds it has bought under its stimulus programmes.
'As the sole issuer of euro-denominated central bank money, the Eurosystem will always be able to generate additional liquidity as needed,' Lagarde said in response to a question by an Italian member of the European Parliament."

ECB looking for green light to keep the money printing-presses going. €750bn in 'aid'. That would probably equate to a minimum of €7.5bn for Ireland? A house for everybody, and perhaps a hospital or two, at 0% interest?
You have to ask, with this kind of thing of thinking and logic from the person in charge of ECB, why anyone is required to pay tax? What is it all for when at the end of the day the ECB has our back and can never run out of money?

On the other hand, the political impasse is another hurdle for the EU to surmount. Is it another crack in the EU veneer? Can there be an ECB without an EU?
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