Drawings for planning permission


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Hi all,

I want to put a large steel garage in my back garden which will need planning permission.
There is no design associated with it as it is built to order, however, I need drawings for the planning permission along with the site layout plan.
Do I need to go to an architect or can a draftsman do this and help with the application ?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Any idea how much I should pay for this.
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A draftsman should be fine. Take a look at your local authority's online planning search site and take a look at the planning drawings submitted for neighbouring properties. That will give you a good guide as to the standards and detail expected.

Depending on your location, dealing with rain water off the roof might be the biggest challenge, as Dublin (and perhaps others) for instance insist soak-aways are installed to prevent water run off from any new development entering the foul water system. Again, a review of nearby planning submissions will inform.