Disability Allowance application - asked to explain income transaction


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My wife has sent in an application for Disability allowance, which required 6 months of banks statements for both of us. I earn a reasonably good salary but we have no property or other wealth to declare on the application (less than €10k in all bank statements combined).

During the 6 month period of bank statements I had one transaction for approx €8k INTO my account from a betting firm. The only other income over the 6 months was my wages. The transaction is marked on my statement with the trading name of the company which from Google the assessor can surely see it is a betting company.

There was no money OUT to any betting firm from my accounts during that time.

The €8k was used immediately to pay off a car we had purchased under a finance scheme 2 years ago, long before my wife got ill. Paying it off early saved us a few hundred euro with 2 years to run.

The applications office have written to her to "Explain the source and purpose of the highlighted amount in order to proceed with the claim".

The purpose was to pay off the car loan, that is clear from a transaction on following page on the statement I sent them.
As for the source, I'm unsure how to word it. It was small betting gains over a lengthy period which added up, however I do not know if they will take issue if it seems like another source of income available to us. I am tempted to state it is from a one-off big win, i.e. luck. I do not want to have to send them statements from the betting account. Is it likely they can request this? Should I provide proof of the car finance settlement? The letter does not ask for any documentation, just an explanation, as per the bold text above.

Many thanks for any advice!


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Me again.....

Perhaps a more pressing question I have relates to the following:

Income from spouse's, civil partner's or cohabitant's work
If your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant works, it can affect your Disability Allowance.

Your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant's weekly earnings are assessed as follows:

Weekly earnings are gross earnings less PRSI, superannuation (pension payments) and union dues.

€20 per day (up to a maximum of €60) from work is deducted from your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant's average weekly earnings and then 60% of the balance is assessed as weekly means. The weekly means is then deducted from the combined total of your personal rate of Disability Allowance and the maximum Increase for a Qualified Adult and any Increases for Qualified Children (if applicable).

Applying the above to my own situation is roughly 800 per week after PRSI and pension deducted (but before PAYE deduction).
800 - 60 = 740
740 x 60% = €444 weekly means.

Does this basically mean my wife is entitled to nothing as this figure is greater than the €203 she would get per week?

Or because this is greater than the €203 + €134.70 qualified adult (me) = €337.70.

Either way, doesn't look promising for us

Many thanks for any help
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