Crying cockles and mussels, five-alive-o...…….arragh go on outta that, will ya


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For the avoidance of doubt, I'm a Dub. I know this for sure because I was at the match with my brothers and we were all singing those profound words...….."we are Dubs, we are Dubs, we are, we are, we are Dubs."

I thought that both the drawn game and the replay were truly superb. The first half on Saturday was simply incredible. IMO, Saturday's game was closer than the winning margin suggests - both teams were brilliant and this is an exceptional Dublin team.

I thought the ref was awful......he just made too many mistakes. My own theory (for free) is, as follows......

The ref's bad decisions, in the round, significantly favoured Kerry in the first half. During the first half, Gavin repeatedly spoke calmly with the linesman which is significant because this simply ain't Jim's style. This feedback was given to the ref at half-time. He threw the ball in at the start of the second half, conscious that he had potentially been harsh on the Dubs in the first half. Within seconds of the restart, Murchan is dashing towards goal with Moran trying to foul him (if only he could catch him). From the 50 yard line to about 15 yards out, Murchan ran with the ball - taking a solitary hop. How many steps in total...….you can do the maths yourself! Within seconds, the ref's wrongs of the first half had been neutralised.

At half-time, I had shared my views of the ref's performance with a Kerry supporter sitting in front of me. "Arragh go on outta that, will ya - these things always even themselves out." Murchan's netting provoked repeated and booming "steps, f**king steps" from my Kerry pal. My brother looked at me...… if to you want to remind him or will I? Neither of us did...…...sometimes it's the thought, sometimes it's the goal that counts.


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He must have been famous, he was called after a tunnel I think.
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