Credit Report adjustments post insolvency


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Can anyone shed any light on this matter - as we all know, there are 2 credit reference agencies now. Insolvency or not, each credit agency holds the info on any borrowings for 5 years after their closure date. So, my query is this, is it or has it ever been possible to have a listing removed early? I exited an insolvency arrangement in 2016. I spent a few years trying to get the banks to stop reporting to ICB incorrectly (after 2016 they continued to report as if I was missing payments) and I finally got the report looking correct - that the loans closed in 2016. I would very much like to try for a mortgage this year, considering that since 2016 I have completely got my life back, and been working and saving hard with good banking habits. Do you think the bank would consider removing my listing from the ICB a bit early, or is the 5 year holding of info actually up to the ICB itself?
I am also concerned that I havent been able to "build up" a good credit rating, as since 2016 I havent attempted to borrow, Ive just been saving. It was suggested to me I should apply for a credit card and use it for fuel/groceries but clear the balance each month, in order to build up a good credit this good advice? However, surely no bank will give me a credit card while I still have a bad listing on my ICB?


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forget about the ICB as central credit register is the one now operational, check your report on that one and see if any loan agreements showing regards to listing on the central credit register after the loan is repaid 5 years it will show up there...
so even if you have icb removal date for 2021 its the last date of payment from which they will remove it from the central credit register.