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I have recently sent a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman on behalf of an elderly relative. Without going into the nature of the complaint, I received a reply stating I had to get a 'Final response' letter from the institution in 30 days before they would proceed. I have had contact with the institution in question and they have verbally said they would make an offer but I still have not received any written offer as such. I rang them requesting this and stating that the 30 days are now up and they said they need more time to get the relative documents. When I pushed for closure and stated that I would be getting in touch with the FO, all I got was an apology and goodbye. Can I get the FO to bring a case immediately as they have not responded in time ? Given the age of the account holder time is not exactly on their side. Has anyone experience of how I should proceed with this ?


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I read that as meaning that the financial institution has 25 days to settle the matter. I cannot imagine that the ombudsman can refuse your complaint once those days are up. My guess is that what was meant that you should allow 30 days (25 days plus allowance for postal delays) to give the institution a chance to make a final response, and after that time your complaint could be proceeded with whether or not a final response was received.