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Was that just for accommodation? How much more did you spend on the activities etc?
yep, just accommodation. as you can see from other posts if you go during the week or when the schools are still in session you can get it much cheaper.

most expensive activity I did was the segway. €30 for the hour. 3 of us done this. bowling was not too bad. think it was 20 for the archery.
pool is free. apart from walking, tis the only thing that is.


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I went in September with 2 kids under 2 for 5 nights and it was about €600. The cost off season is about half what you will pay during the summer/over Christmas.

The shop down there was a lot better than expected and quite reasonable for prices. Very similar to a Tesco express with a fully stocked off licence.
The pool was great regardless of age and caters to all. There was a class for very young kids on before the pool opened to everyone else.
The accommodation was finished very well and we had loads of space with full cooking facilities.
Good choice of places to eat.
Wide range of activities.
Easy to get around. We were about a 10 minute walk away from the village which was perfect for us.
Great spa on site.
Every restaurant had a soft play area for toddlers.
Great playgrounds suitable for all ages.

The food options are very similar enough in each restaurant. Not a huge number of healthy options.
Not a huge amount to do for the under 3s. A lot of the classes have age restrictions.
No babysitting service like other CP sites.

I will definitely be going back this year as I have zero interest in getting on an aeroplane with 2 young children.
Agree with all of this.

Went in September with 2 kids under 5. Did pool plus another activity every day to tire the kids out. They loved it.
Being able to cycle around with toddlers without the fear of being run over by cars is very enjoyable.
Service in restaurants was often very, very slow.

We've booked again for this year already.