Carer's Leave application procedure, delays?

The Ghoul

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I may have to go on carer's leave from work starting next month. My understanding of the application procedure is as follows:
-fill in the CARB1 form for carer's benefit (which is also necessary for applying for carer's leave)
-get it approved by the Dept
-notify my employer
-confirm with my employer

I have read online that there are big delays getting the CARB1 approval from the relevant Dept and that the carer's benefit payment can take a long time to come though. I don't mind a delay in payment as presumably it will be backdated. The thing I am concerned about is being in limbo in terms of the carer's leave while I wait for paperwork. I am currently on annual leave from work - if that runs out before I go on carer's leave, will I have to go back to work while I wait. That would result in a bad situation for me and the person I would be caring for.

Thanks for any pointers.


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Here are the guidelines on applying for Carer's Benefit - the Department recommend advance application time of 10 weeks. Your employer completes part of the application form, so you will need to discuss the leave before your application is made