Motor Car insurance claim timeline


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I'm a bit green about these things so forgive my basic questions.

I was involved in a small car accident on Saturday. The other driver admitted it was their fault.

My car had some damage and the quote to fix was ~€1050.

I rang my insurance firm today and reported the incident to them. The other party has the same insurance firm.

They called back to say they spoke with the other party and he confirmed what happened.

Now the insurance firm will get in touch with the garage I visited to try get the quote and photos of damage from them.

What happens next?

I have to renew insurance in about 2.5 weeks. If the claim isn't settled by then, will it affect my renewal (premium)?


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I was involved in a claim last summer(other party's fault).
I brought my car to their insurers garage,and within about 3 days,their agent rang me with a very fair offer for my written off banger.
There was no paperwork and after I agreed the settlement and uploaded a couple of receipts,the money was in my account within a couple of days.