banks at it again



i went to the ulster bank ATM at superquinn in lucan the other day to withdraw 200 euros from my account ,no money came out and the machine asked if i would like to re-order a smaller amount which i did but still no joy.
I was pretty sure there was 200euros in that account so i rang AIB who the account is with and asked for a statement which arrived today.It says the ATM at superquinn paid me the 200euros.ive rang the bank and they say i have to call in and fill out a form.I told a friend here in work and he says it happened to him 2 weeks ago at a machine in the texaco garage lucan and he has since got credited for the amount in to his account.
It makes me wonder how often this happens and is this another bank ripoff,a while ago i would have said surely not now im not so sure??
ps .has this happened to anyone


A couple of years ago I used the Ulster Bank ATM on Dame St to withdraw money. I keyed in €20 - and no money came out.

When I checked my bank statement online a couple of days later - my account had been debited with the €20, despite my not actually receiving it. I raised this issue with AIB (whom my account was with) - and they told me to fill in a form so that they could investigate the matter. A couple of weeks later, I get correspondance from AIB saying that they checked the UB ATM, and the cash in the machine balanced with all transactions made - therefore, the €20 had been issued by the ATM.... and that was that. So I don't know what happened to that money... the bank didn't report any tampering with the machine... so I can only assume that they just pocketed it. You may think it was 'only €20'... but hey €20 IS €20.

OnTheUp, I hope for your sake you will get your money back 'cos €200 is ALOT of dosh!


soc - I dont understand your post, are you saying that you didnt recieve 20€ and the bank claimed you did and you dropped it after minor investigation. I think this really allows banks to have a relaxed mindset re mistakes etc. I recenly spotted a very minor inexplicable charge on my bank statement to the tune of a whopping 0.20€ - I hounded my bank to explain the particular charge which was incurred over a year ago - I got reimbursed a few days back !! I'm pleased as I also recieved an apology - but I'd say I was on the phone several times a week. I wasnt alarmed about such a tiny amount, but we all run thosands per annum thru banking processes so we should remind them that everything should be accountable as we are so vulnerable.