Appropriate ETF Investing Strategy Ireland


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I am based in Ireland and I'm looking to invest in ETFs using Degiro. I would like to get some advice on a potential portfolio. Some points to note:
  • The ETFs should be accumulative. This is to simplify the tax.
  • Domicile should be Ireland (again for tax).
  • I plan on making regular monthly payments between €300-€500
  • I'm young and I don't plan on touching the money for 20+ years. I also already make regular contributions to a pension fund so I'm looking for a higher reward/risk ETF strategy.
After some research, I'm considering the following portfolio:
I feel like this is a well-diversified portfolio with appropriate exposure to riskier emerging market and small-cap equities. What do you think? I would appreciate any advice or comments and let me know if you need any clarification.
Have you considered the Vanguard FTSE All-World acc etf ? Rather than investing in 3 separate etfs and the additional taxation work they require, this etf includes emerging markets, perhaps combining your first two into one etf? It's relatively new so I would be interested to get others thoughts on it