AIB Appeals Panel rejected. Should I go to the Ombudsman?


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Hi Derek

I have moved your two posts into a new thread as it would be helpful to know of any cases which are with the Ombudsman.

I know of two cases submitted using the arguments in this post:
Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker

One was submitted on 10th May. AIB declined mediation. The response was received from AIB on 10th August. As there was nothing new in their response, the borrower made no response, so it has gone to adjudication. I have no idea how long it will take before a decision issues.

The other was submitted in August. Strangely, AIB has not yet decided whether they will go to mediation or not. The borrower has indicated that they will enter mediation.

Brendan - is there any point in more of us going to the ombudsman at this stage ? Or should we just wait and see what happens the people gone already

Brendan Burgess

There are at least two cases with the Ombudsman based on the arguments in the Step by Step Guide.

I see no point in making further complaints to the Ombudsman repeating these arguments until the Ombudsman has made a decision one way or the other.

However, there has been some discussion of other arguments. In my humble opinion, these arguments are not as strong as the "there was a prevailing rate" argument. But I could be wrong. And if you have some other argument which you think is better, then by all means go to the Ombudsman with it.

There has been talk of taking cases to the High Court based on these arguments. That makes no sense to me. If they are good arguments, the Ombudsman will uphold them and will decide more quickly and more cheaply.