Appeal Court rejects Traveller claim for 6 adjoining houses for extended family

Brendan Burgess


“The accommodation offers made by the council were reasonable and it is clear that the appellants formed an intention to refuse all offers, insisting that the council provide them forthwith with six dwelling houses for the exclusive use of the appellants and five of their sons, with the latter’s partners/spouses and children,” she said.

“This demand, made in the middle of a national housing crisis, was not reasonable and could not readily be met by the council given the demands upon it and its limited resources, as the evidence clearly demonstrated. The conduct of the appellants was tantamount to asserting a veto over accommodation offered, a right which was not established to exist.”


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How did this even get to Court!
6 houses, probably all beside each other, would be bringing the entitlement culture in Ireland to a whole new level and that's saying something.