Advice needed on switching my AVC


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I'm 38 and I have been paying into my public sector group AVC plan for the past 5 years and the fund is worth 30k. I have paid a total of 31k into the fund so now I'm going to switch (I should of done this long before now). the fund is with New Ireland Assurance.
Based on my term to retirement the broker recommended a mixture of Prime 5 and Prime Equities (risk rating of 6). These funds will not attract any additional fees.
I have to give instructions on what to do with my existing fund and future contributions.

I was thinking of putting 100% of my existing fund into Prime 5 and then for my future contributions split it: 60% into Prime equities and 40% into Prime 5

Any thoughts on this?


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Advice seems fairly reasonable. I think, my own opinion, at age 38 with about 30 years to retirement you should just go 100% into Prime Equities. With such a long investment timeframe the 98.8% equities investment of the "Prime Equities" would be appropriate and then you can evaluate it again maybe 10-12 years more retirement.


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Are you sure the management charge is 2.75%? If so, when you factor in the other costs of the fund you are above 3% per annum. You will find it difficult get a decent return in this contract.

PRIME is a passive fund with new Ireland so it should be cheap to get access to. You should in fact be able to access it for about 1% (inclusive of an advisor trail).

Are you switching funds within an existing contract or is your advisor setting up a new contract for you? If completing a fund switch you should look to re write the contract or transfer to a new AVC plan to access these PRIME funds.

Before you do anything you have to be clear on the following:

  1. Entry Charges such as commissions/increased allocations
  2. Base AMC of the contract
  3. Additional Fund AMC
  4. Trail AMC for Advisor
  5. Other running costs of the fund. This is the stuff they don't have to disclose. You can estimate this by asking for the PRIPS KID Document for a personal investment contract that will invest in the same fund selection.
  6. Exit Penalties