Advice needed on moving pension


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I am moving my AVC pension to Zurich funds. i am in my late 30s and i'm a public servant.

Will be paying 700 a month into it into the following funds:
Indexed top tech 100 20%
Performance Pension and invest 30%
Cautiously managed 30%
5 stat 5 20%

I have 30k already in the pension so i was thinking of putting 100% of this into cautiously managed for the next few years to be on the safe side.

Any thoughts or advice?


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With 30 years before retirement, you should be 100% in shares and not in Cautiously Managed funds to take full advantage of stock market gains. Trying to time the market by switching in and out of cautiously managed funds (ie cash, bonds) is not a winning strategy over a 30 year period imho