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I'm thinking of getting an action camera for the first time to record parkruns, snorkelling, mountain biking et al.
Is a GoPro Hero 8 worth the premium price? There are many action cameras on Amazon for a fraction of the price but I've read that a lot of the reviews are incentivised or fake.

If a GoPro is worth it, which accessories are recommended? i've read the silicone sleeve, chest mount, and bite mount and tempered glass lens protector.

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I have a GoPro 5 and a few other cheaper action cameras.

Which is better depends on what you want to use it for. The more recent GoPros are waterproof without a case. The waterproof cases for the cheaper cameras don't last long in my experience. I spent a lot of time with the family (young kids) on the beach last year and the GoPro was worth it for me. The software running on it and the user experience is much better.


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Gopro 7 and upwards are worth it for the image stabilisation alone. I've had a 3 black since it came out, and only now thinking of upgrading based on that. It will last you way longer than any other fake gopro


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I'm a photographer & there's a reason GoPros are still the best selling action camera on the market...they work and they're easy to use! Hard to master but easy to use! I've had no issues with version 3 and 4's in the housing but if I was upgrading, I'd go for the newer one without the housing and image stabiliser. No need for the most recent one though, I'd recommend one step down, most of the issues will also be sorted out!
In terms of what accessories you'll need...get the camera first then see what you'll need. There's every kind of accessory under the sun available and it depends what you need the camera for.
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