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Both Prestige Paving and Building and Hawthorne Construction have on their gallery of completed jobs, a photo of a house I know to have been completed by AK Paving (I called to the house and asked). Why so many name changes lads? A moving target is harder to hit?
AK paving + prestige paving and building, cork (not to be confused with companies of similar name )= Anthony Kiely.

Hawthorne construction = Thomas Kiely


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Was directed to this thread. All Cork Driveways around the North Cork area this week, recommend any elderly relatives or neighbours to be wary.


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I think we have just been stung by these guys....under Prestige Paving and Building. Half the job done (half the payment made) and my patio is in a right mess. Wish I had seen all of this in Jan. They didn't come knocking, we were actively looking for someone and their website looked great so we called them, and others, but chose them. Reporting to the Gardai tonight to see what we can do next.


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I got a patio last year.

Not knowing anyone who could recommend an installer, and not wanting to use installers thrown up by google, many who have vague addresses and only mobile phone numbers, I went to .

They give a list of recommended installers. No doubt there are similar around the country who will also recommend installers.

I got quotes from two on the list.

Great patio with raised beds, coordinating paths, retaining walls etc now in place.

Surprisingly no money was asked for, not even materials, until the job was finished.


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An excellent reason to have electric gates! ;)

I realise this is not always possible, but where it is....
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