500 Richest gain additional $1.2trn in 2019


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Because this period in history is being completely and intentionally forgotten about,
It has not been forgotten about, it just has nothing to do with the proposal.

nominal paper money is not really wealth,
Every year, the government confiscates from me, by way of a property tax, a sum of money based on estimated value on the price of my home. This is a transfer of my resources to the State.
If im an average paid worker, apparently this is an example of a real economic transfer. If im a multi-billionaire, it is apparently an illusion to think that this transfer can occur.

If you spread this paper wealth to every man and woman,
That has not been proposed. All that is proposed is a broadening of the tax base to utilise the accumulation of extreme wealth to assist in paying for public services.

in fact the whole financial services sector is an abstraction
Yes it is, but it helps us to make decisions, individually and collectively.