Ulster Bank to write in March

Discussion in 'Issues with tracker mortgages' started by Mark Watson, Mar 20, 2017 at 8:11 AM.

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    I missed the tracker stuff on the media as I work In UK. Got a letter from Ulster Bank Ireland reducing my mortgage by about Euro 200 a month in January 2017. It put me on a rate of 0.85 down from about 4.7. The letter said I was part of a review of mortgages.
    Basically I bought my house in 2006 and after 2 years of a starter offer went on an interest only deal for 18 months. Was then put on a variable rate tracking the ECB base rate but despite asking for a mortgage review in 2012 nothing ever changed and the annual statement makes no sense. Called with the mortgage adviser in Monaghan but he couldn't tell me anything. House mortgages say wait and see.
    Why the change of mortgage rate now, and will I get anything for Ulster Banks incompetence?
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    dude have a search around the site. Its full of information about it.
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