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    I was considering applying for above grant.Spoke to my GP who was not very understanding to my situation. Basically I am on an occupational injuries pension and had to give up work due to my injuries.Now my activity is restricted, movement etc resulting in severe pain.Doctor tells me there are other people more entitled to apply in a worse position then myself on a waiting lists and they cannot get money from council and he would not sign application for me. Do I need my Gp to sign this form or can I get an occupational therapist from HSE to look at me or go back to a consultant.If anyone has found themselves in a similar situation there advice would be appreciated.

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    Doctor can't make a statement like that. If you have medical grounds he is obliged to sign.
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    My goodness you need to change GP if you can. If you're in severe pain than it's obvious you need help. The fact the budget is restricted is neither here nor there and is no reason for your GP to be the judge of who is or is not deserving. It's very condescening of your pain and situation. It is up to the HSE to decide the merits of your case not your GP.