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    AAM, correct me if I'm wrong: this debt (even if it did exist) dies after six years, right?

    My interpretation is that you are a name on a list that Cabot have bought from this telecom. Some of the names/debts on that list might be legally enforceable, most aren't.

    Cabot's business is extracting maximum value from that list with minimum cost. Given the low value of these "debts", they are not worth much manual effort to chase individually.

    Nobody in the company will have spend so much as a minute on your case. They will have an automated system spam the names on the list, to see who "volunteers" to engage with them. Those who take the bait will be harassed further, to see if they will "volunteer" to commit to handing over money.

    At some point, the system will decide that you're not worth the cost of stamps and paper to harass you.
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    Hopefully that's soons. But at this point I have everything ready to send to them if I do get legal documents sent to me so let's hope they have everything their suppose to have because I have everything to shows its disputed along with letters from the Garda.
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    Listen to the thread :
    Cabot are (rising) you to see can they squeeze funds .
    I know its unfair etc but c,est la vie!

    Safely bin their notes .
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    I just ignored them and they gave up.

    Has anyone here ever had anything further from them after a few threat?

    Yet to hear of a threat they actually followed on through with.
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    I would love to know. I have checked most forums about them and only ever read of debts going to court in england. Never in Ireland. I'll tell you in a week if they follow throught with court I got my last four day warning last week for court action off them so if they will follow through with their threats I'll know next week
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    Chris2014 when you say "i just ignored them and they gave up" that's great but is there still a threat that it might resurrect again if you, say, won the Lotto! Or does it mean that they
    no longer have you on their "active" list and you are essentially free from them??
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    Any update Red? Have you a court date?
  8. Red1980

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    Haven't had so much as a letter since my last update. I'm hoping that will be the end of it but it's hard to know with this crowd but they definitely don't seem to follow through with their threats of court otherwise I would have got a summons awhile back
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    Red,are these letters with the threat of court action from Cabot,or their in house solicitors Belgard ?
  10. Red1980

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    The first two were from Cabot and the next ones were from belgard threatening court action. One was giving me something like 7 days to pay the full amount or court proceedings would be started against me and the next one was giving me 4 days both of them were from belgard. Again I didn't contact them and haven't heard anything since my last post update. This could change but so far I haven't gotten one letter after their letter listed out all the actions they would take against me.
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    Hi All,
    I have a very similar experience with Cabot/Belgard as most of you. Lost my job back in 2009 and had a credit card with MBNA and let things get on the long finger, paid a lump sum off with help from family but fees and penalties kept mounting up and was left with a debt about 4k before Cabot got involved. To make a very long story short I engaged with Cabot and realized what a shower I was dealing with so investigated what my rights were... over eighteen months ago I requested CCA, full statements, and Deed of assignment for Debt from MBNA to Cabot. Initially they said they didn't have this info but after considerable correspondence and now the involvement of Belgard "Solicitors" I have today received a CCA from MBNA and some statements and a "Welcome" letter from Cabot as proof of the debt. Am I right in saying that they would need a deed of assignment to prove their right to collect the debt? What is the consequences for Cabot if they fail to provide CCA with the prescribed 10 days? Belgard are still threatening legal action despite the debt being legitimately disputed, is this something the Law Society have any interest in? Many thanks in advance
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    Any update on this