Anyone fancy doing a Key Post : How to invest in ETFs?

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    I have recommended ETFs to some people, but I have no idea about the actual mechanics. Any volunteers to do a Key Post on the topic?

    The idea would be that someone who has decided to buy an ETF would be able to follow the instructions and would be made aware of some of the downsides. But without a repetition of the debates on other threads. Links would be provided to these debates.

    1) Buy a US domiciled ETF as it will be taxed like a share.

    2) Here are three examples of US Domicled ETFs

    3) How to buy them ....
    Open a stockbroker account....

    4) How to account for tax on them

    Things to watch out for

    Be careful if you hold more than $60,000 in US assets

    If you do not have taxable income, go for an ETF which is geared to high dividend paying companies e.g. ...

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