ISME say businesses are being hit because regulations not being followed


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How do you know it's about 1% when you don't know how many unconfirmed cases there are?
True, 1% is the confirmed number. I'd imagine the unconfirmed or undetected rate would be higher.

Maybe the fact that the probability of dying from Covid 19 , at present in Ireland, is 0.00037 is the reason some folks are indifferent about the restrictions?
Not sure where you got that figure from, but yes I suggested as much in my previous post about people, understandably in my opinion, dropping their guard.


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The level 5 advice is being advised once by NPHET, this time for six weeks instead of 3 weeks. In the face of increasing cases and increasing admissions to hospital this really puts it up to government.
I hope we dont descend into a finger-pointing blame game. This virus is not with us a year yet. Relatively few people (1%) of the population have contracted it so it is understandable that people dropped their guard with the unwinding of measures in the Summer.
As of today there are 315 Covid patients in hospital. In the first week of January 2018 alone, 535 patients were admitted with flu. Worth keeping in mind to put a bit of perspective on things. 2017-2018 Annual Summary_Final.pdf