Box on Left hand top side of screen with red X through it.


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I am seeing a new button or box on the left hand top side of the AskAboutMoney website with a red X over it.
I think it only appeared today.
Just wondering what it is?
I don't want to press it in case it is dangerous.
We updated some stuff in the background yesterday.

Do you see the "logo" ?

Or is the X where the logo should be?

I'm seeing the same (Android phone)

Last night, I noticed a lot of blank space at the top of each page. I had to scroll down to see the text.

That seemed to clear after a few hours, then the box with the red x appeared.
The three menu bars are there, then a blank space where AAM used to be, then the envelope, bell etc etc
This is on an Android phone, not sure if that makes any difference!!
I'm getting the same issues. Logo is now gone. Also, when I try to access the site in Firefox it tells me I need to accept cookies, but doesn't give me the option to accept them. Because if that, I can't log in. Had been viewing the site through Firefox for ages on my mobile, this is a recent development.