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    [Question] Best strategy to allocate my savings in ETFs

    Hello community, After lots of reading, I've decided to allocate my savings in ETF's, and would like your opinion. I'm 25y, with regular secure income, and have 5 months of emergency fund. Currently, I want to invest 25K EUR from my savings in ETFs (88% IWDA / 12% EMIM). However, I'm not sure...
  2. C

    Bord Gais Energy - hive control system

    Hi all. Bord Gais have an offer with 24 month contract to install the remote control Hive system. Any advice. Also additional fee 200 euro for having house into 2 zones when turn on heating. Any experiences or advice
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    Options for savings/investments for kids college funds

    Hi all, We have two kids age 8 and 10 who have savings accounts with a few thousand euro earmarked as savings for college or whatever they get up to when they hit 18 or so. Essentially they are earning little or no interest, so I'm looking for advice on investment options. Low-medium risk...
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    Calculate NPV for premium savings product

    Dear all, I am looking for the NPV calculation for a premium savings product. >10yrs ago I got a special/premium savings product with my local bank. The idea is to save every month a given amount of money. Doing so, at the end of the year you receive the regular interest rates (today basically...
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    Saving over 2k/m, what to limit mortgage to?

    Age: 30 Spouse’s/Partner's age: N/A Annual gross income from employment or profession: 110,000 (though 15% of that would be split between bonus and vested stocks - the latter of which can vary...Ignoring stocks, let's say only 100,000 would count towards regular income for mortgage borrowing)...
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    Put savings out of reach

    Hi With interest rates so low the 0% on my current account is as good as any 1% in some long term savings account. One advantage of a 30 day notice account is the delay accessing the funds. Is that a good way to avoid spending? But if I don't give the 30 days notice the penalty is very...
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    Mortgage v saving

    Hi. If I had a couple of thousands euro, should I pay it off my mortgage or keep it for a rainy day? Thanks
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    Moving from UK to Ireland-should I move back my savings? How?

    Hi all! First time poster but I'm hoping someone can help as I am a bit clueless with financial matters that extend beyond 'save-build good credit-repeat'. I'm due to move home with my partner from the UK this week after three years working there. We have a bit of savings-nothing amazing but in...
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    When to pay deposit on home

    I'll keep this as short as possible. We went sale agreed on a house for €260,000. It is currently at an early stage, booking deposit only paid two days ago. We are funding it with a €180,000 mortgage, €40,000 of our own savings and a family gift of €40,000. (We have extra money to cover the...
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    Investment Advice..

    Hi All, New to the forum but I have had a good browse through the threads this morning. As with most first time posters I am looking for some advice (and maybe reassurance!). I'm 31, married with no kids and earning €40k p.a. Bought a house with my wife 2 years ago, 35 year term, variable rate...
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    What to do with matured instalment savings?

    I have €10,000 in an instalment savings account with An Post. It has now matured and they're asking me what I want to do with it. Not sure how to handle it. I'm in my late fifties, living in Dublin, single, no dependants and no mortgage or other borrowings. Working in the public sector. I'd...
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    Decent salary still renting, needs to change

    Age: 32 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 33 Annual gross income from employment or profession: E80,000 Annual gross income spouse: E3,500 Part time few hours per week. Recent enough. Hopes to go self employed in near future Type of employment: Both private sector employees Expenditure pattern: Live...
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    Non resident Savings account

    Hi there, Does anybody now if it is possible to open up a savings account in Ireland when living abroad? Regards, Ciara
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    First Time Buyers For House Deposit

    Age: 25 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 27 Annual gross income from employment or profession: €24,000 Annual gross income of spouse: €28,000 - €30,000 (approx.) We are both in full time positions. Both sets of gross income should increase over the medium term. Mine should increase significantly...