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    Pension for my wife

    Probably a stupid question but wondering what if anything can be done please. We are a couple of 40 year olds. Mortgage is paid off. Have savings. Wife is staying home to rear kids. She has no pension. I have a pension with work and am paying the max for my age. Is there anything we can do for...
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    What to do with 200k savings that's currently sitting idle?

    Age 38 Spouse (wife) 39 . Gross income 80,000 PAYE Gross income of spouse 60,000 PAYE Type of employment IT Manager . Monthly take-home pay 7800 (combined) Monthly outgoings 6000 month including childcare, rent, petrol, car insurance etc. This is higher than we'd like...
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    AIMS target return fund?

    Hi all, I just wanted to see if you had any opinions on the AIMS fund from Aviva. I am looking for a regular saver now that I have my emergency fund of 10k built up. I am 24 years old, on 28k a year and looking to put away 300/400 euro a month (increasing further over time) to hopefully be able...