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    Revenue Declaration Rent a room

    For the last three years I have rented a room in my home under the rent a room scheme. From my reading at the time this was tax free up to €14k. The rent I have collected has been significantly under this threshold and collected via bank transfer. I recently noticed that there is a section...
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    HMRC and Revenue Comissioners relationship

    All, Has anyone else been subjected to the grossly unfair ‘Loan Charge’ legislation that affects 50,000 contractors who were using Loan arrangements from Trusts to get paid for contractor work while working in the UK. I am currently domiciled in Ireland They have passed the "Debt" I owe to...
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    Revenue's Cut (House Swap : Son's with Parents')

    Hi, Looking into doing a straight swap of houses with my parents and want to know how to avoid or minimise the tax owed to Revenue. CAT: I understand if it's treated as a gift both ways, there would be no CAT to pay on my parents' gifting their house to me as the property value is under the...
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    ETFs taxation issue

    Hi all I've made some gains on ETFs in 2016, and some small gains (below exemption) in equities. I've submitted CGT return for equities (back in 2016) and Form 11 (Section E) for ETFs. I also sent a cheque for the tax due on the ETFs (calculated at 41% -think now it should have been 40%)...