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    Revenue Declaration Rent a room

    For the last three years I have rented a room in my home under the rent a room scheme. From my reading at the time this was tax free up to €14k. The rent I have collected has been significantly under this threshold and collected via bank transfer. I recently noticed that there is a section...
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    house insurance with rooms rented

    My mother-in-law suffers from advanced dementia and is confined to bed, and in order to pay for carers that allow her to stay in her home she has to rent out rooms in her house. House Insurers we've talked to allow 2 paying guests (not tenants). She wants to rent 3 rooms, accommodating 4 or 5...
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    House improvement mortgage

    Hi, I require a mortgage or loan of €42000 over 5 years, for the purpose of improving my house, badly needed presently, before I seek same I would like to know would I be eligible and if there is any advice offered, finance as follows: Assets: House €475000. Business premises: €140000. Credit...
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    Mortgage Interest Relief stopped by Revenue - I believe incorrectly

    Hello, I hope someone can let me know if I have grounds to challenge Revenue for removing my Mortgage Interest Relief. I bought a large 1 bed apartment in late 2006 and this has been my Principal Private Residence (PPR) since that date. I've had a child since then and my partner and I decided...