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    Equality: Circuit Family Court- Judges almost all female?

    Hi, Unfortunately I find myself in a Judicial Separation process in the Family Circuit Court in Dublin. We have had a number of postponements, due to a variety of factors, as I lost my job during the process. I cant help noticing that all the judges without exception I’ve seen now, on 5...
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    Average legal costs of a full Judicial Separation?- Dublin Circuit Court

    Hi, Im currently going through a court judicial separation, initiated by my wife in recent months (we did try mediation 1st, but my wife wanted to go the legal route). I have a number of questions, but focusing here specifically on legal costs, as it seems to be hard to get much transparency on...
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    Judicial separation- experiences & likely outcome?

    Hi, Just trying to get some hard answers on the likely financial Court outcome of my wife & my Judicial Separation. I will get straight to the points, so this is not a too wordy and easy to read. We have 2 houses: Family home €500k valuation, mortgage €200k = +€300k wealth. Other property...
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    Affidavit of means and bank statements

    I am in the process of going down the Judicial Separation route. My Legal aid solicitor has asked me to complete an Affidavit of means and supply her with a year's worth of bank/credit card statements etc. Apparently my husband gets to see the statements. I'm not hiding anything from my...