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    (2019) First Time Buyer Advantages

    What benefits are available to first time buyers of a PPR in 2019? Thanks.
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    Buying my first house - extremely disappointed - no keys - cannot be registered on Land Registry - Advice Needed

    Hi all, Three weeks ago, I was told that on the Friday I would be able to collect the keys to my new house, I was so excited and happy, I had a lot of purchases ordered for delivery. On the day I was to receive my keys I got the bad news that the closing searches found that there was an...
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    First time buyer question - broker or bank?

    im sorry if this has been done a million times before but me and my partner are hoping to get onto the property ladder very soon (personal circumstances are changing in a month making our borrowing power much stronger) so I'm doing some research while it comes to that time. I want us to be as...
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    Mortgage App - Declare all savings accounts?

    I'm about to start down the process of applying for a mortgage and I'm getting all my documentation in order based on the various checklists (P60s, statements etc etc) I have my current account and a savings account that is specifically to fund the deposit (and other costs) for the house...
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    FTB Mortgage - Local branch or national call centre?

    Hi, First time buyer here comparing the various mortgage offerings out there. Looking around, there are two options for most providers. I can walk into my local branch, or call a national telephone number. Is either of those more favourable to pursue, or does it matter at all in terms of the...
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    Taking over someone elses mortgage?

    Hello guys, long term reader of the site. Friend was a builder. Fell on hard times. He has a house down in Laois that is to builders finish. Insolvency practitioners have gotten the bank to write off 50,000 of the debt and he has a mortgage left of 100,000 which he hasn't paid a cent. Will never...
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    EBS or Ulster Bank for 2 Year Fixed?

    Hello, My wife and I are first time buyers and would like some advice. We are looking for a mortgage of €320, 000 and are trying to decide between EBS (3 %) or Ulster Bank (2.3 %) for a 2 Year Fixed. We have been accepted by EBS and are about to apply to Ulster Bank - we have also put down a...
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    First Time Buyer - Negative Equity Concerns

    Hi there, I'm currently a first time buyer awaiting acceptance on a bid on a property in Tallaght area, my bid 435k which is currently 75k over the asking price and probably the general prices in the area @ 360k or below commonly. The draw of this property is due to its size and potential as...
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    Waverly Greystones

    New builds in Waverly greystones-Does any one have info on waverly park new builds and the general area . We were keen on knowing more about the location in greystones and the amenities around . We were on to the EA last week and they suggested that they will be waverly will be similar to...
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    Furniture newry

    Can someone please reccomend furniture shops in newry.I'm a first time buyer and we would be heading towards there in the coming days to look at sofas and beds.. Raul
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    Fixed Rates - Ulster Bank ?

    I am a first time buyer with an existing approval with AIB /3.3 % variable for a LTV of around 72 % on a 470 K property ( We went sale agreed recently) Looking at way things are headed next year with ECB rates likely to increase I. thinking of Ulster bank who offer a 5 year fixed at 3.1 % ...
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    First Time Buyer status - postdivorce

    Hello everyone, I have a question that I have tried to find the answer to but can’t seem to get a definitive conclusion. Here’s the timeline: June 2016 – get divorced Jan 2017- get married to a penniless UK artist with no income of his own Mar 2017 – finally sell property owned by myself...
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    Do any banks take bonus and commission into consideration when applying for a mortgage?

    My wife and I are trying to get a mortgage for our first home. We have our deposit of around 20k. I work as a Salesperson and 30% of my salary is commission. My P60s show that I have earned way above the basic plus commission every year, but do any banks take this into consideration? We are...
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    First time buyer mortgage for residents abroad

    Hi guys, I'm looking for info regarding a first time mortgage for residents living abroad. myself and my husband are currently living in Australia and plan to move home in the next two years but want to start our mortgage now! Is it possible to get a first time buyers mortgage with a 10%...
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    Not sure how to approach CC balance / FTB mortgage application

    Hi all, I am 30 yrs old, planning to apply for my mortgage in early 2018. Mostly my credit rating is in good shape; I have one loan with my bank that is active for the next 2 years, and have never missed a payment. Not too worried about it. However, I do have a credit card that has a balance...
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    Land for Dream Home - get a loan and buy now, or lose the land and save?

    Hi all, I'd be grateful for any advice anyone can give. For the past three years, we've been working on becoming debt-free and saving so that we can build our dream home. We're first time buyers/builders. Our current financial situation isn't wonderful, I earn 43k gross, partner earns 11k...
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    Probationary Period (New Job) - Mortgage Stalled by 6 months

    We have a house that we made an offer on based on Eu150,000 that we were approved for in principle by BOI back in December. Unfortunately (and fortunately) my husband started a new job and the 6 month probationary period at the new job looks like it will mean we have to miss out on the property...
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    Starter home or Forever Home

    Myself and my partner are mortgage approved for 320,000. We are considering buying a forever home (325,000) putting and extra 5 grand down ourselves. Will need 42 grand deposit for and hoping to borrow 278. Cost of interest would be 182,000 and 1270 per month in mortgage repayments for 30 year...
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    First Time Buyers For House Deposit

    Age: 25 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 27 Annual gross income from employment or profession: €24,000 Annual gross income of spouse: €28,000 - €30,000 (approx.) We are both in full time positions. Both sets of gross income should increase over the medium term. Mine should increase significantly...
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    Guide to Getting a Mortgage in Ireland (Video Series)

    I recorded a number of videos with, which they are releasing as a series entitled “Your Guide to Getting a Mortgage in Ireland”. Hopefully the series will be useful to this community, as it aims to answer the most commonly asked questions about how to get a mortgage. The first of...