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    Bord Gais discount rate not applied

    Be mindful when you ‘sign up’ for a discount package that you actually get the discount... I queried the package I was on and term with BGE. They reverted to say that I was on a lower percentage discount than I had signed up. Not sure how one can actually check - but fair play for their honesty
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    Bord Gais Energy - hive control system

    Hi all. Bord Gais have an offer with 24 month contract to install the remote control Hive system. Any advice. Also additional fee 200 euro for having house into 2 zones when turn on heating. Any experiences or advice
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    Heat pump or LHZ electric heaters? (Photovoltaics included)

    Hello everyone im new here and I need your help and input regarding what is te best option to add heating in my newly built house which will be ready in september. We currently live in sunny Cyprus whuch has 4 months winter, 2 months spring and 6 months very hot summer. So I am going to add...
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    Cost of Triple Glazing existing windows

    We are in a 4 bed semi D we purchased last year and had a question on triple and double glazing windows .Existing windows are old and some of them have most likely a very high U value and poor insulation ( The u values has some of the windows u values between 2.7 and 4 as per an old BER report...
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    What is more important: glazing or the window frame?

    We're building our new house and we're just about to decide where and which windows to order. I see all kinds of U values trying to sell either the glazing (double with LOW-E / Sunergy / ... coating) and another set of U values for different kind of frame profiles (aluminium / thermic aluminium...