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    FE1 law society exams - non law graduate

    Daughter started a 14 week course in June for FE1 law society entrance exams - 3 subjects. Attended all lectures - Company, contract and constitutional. Exams at start of October - 3 weeks time. She’s finding the study tough - maybe she has taken on too much - without a law background. I...
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    Dublin restaurant for Arabic client

    was entertaining a client yesterday and brought him to Winding Stairs at Bachelors Walk. He was most impressed. He’s staying in 5 star in town. Any recommendation for similar style restaurant in City Centre area ... much appreciated - the pressure is on the match last night ....only reason I...
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    TV with Soarview and Freeview

    I live in Dublin. Recently I moved to a new place and want to buy a TV. I can't really live without any BBC channels. I cannot install a satellite dish since the building is old and this is not allowed. I heard there is Freeview from the UK. Can this generally be received in Dublin? If yes, is...
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    Buying a house - surveyor in Dublin

    Hi, I am in the process to buy a house can anyone please recommend a good surveyor? Thank you in advance!
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    Dancing... for over 50s in Dublin

    I have a great desire to dance, and not be laughed at. Where can I go, and dance (I'll bring my own partner) and have a good time, without feeling like a freak amongst the 20 year olds? We're fairly fit, and not ready for a place with medical staff in attendance. But don't want to find...
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    Fun evenings with dinner for visiting Execs

    Hey all, got a handful of big wigs coming to visit our Dublin site in October. We want to give them a fun night out with decent grub but a little different so they can relax a little and maybe even enjoy themselves after two days in meeting rooms. (More info - staying in West Dublin.... Age...
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    office rents

    Hi it seems that I've had really bad luck as regards offices. I've been in business since 1995 and have had to move 5 or 6 times, now it looks as if I'm on the move again. Am shocked at rents now. Is there a ball-park figure for office rents in Dublin city centre?