brendan burgess

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    Used credit cards to part buy an investment property - where can I refinance it?

    As some of you may know i have been very successful in switching my mortgage 3 times in 6 months in 2018 to claim €18,000 in cash back. I would consider myself very clued in to mortgages and what way the Banks work. However i am having some difficulties with my latest situation. My wife and I...
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    Danske Pension DB Enhanced offer

    I have recently been made an offer to transfer my Danske DB pension pot of estimated at €62k transfer value which at moment would project 5,887 p.a. / projected lump sum 14,714 and projected pension after lump sum of 4,925 or take the pension pot plus *********** of 43K and transfer it out of...
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    Should we fix rate with ptsb split mortgage before switch to pepper?

    Hi Brendan I was sold to pepper..we have main amount of €170k and warehoused of €90k..currently on 4.5% svr on main amount..could get 3.7% fixed with TSB before the transfer in a few months..should we fix now..? Not sure what pepper can do regarding rates in the future as their rates are...
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    Vulture Fund and BTL property

    Hello – just looking for some advice. Does anyone have any experience of the following. I am a resident in N. Ireland. I have a BTL property in County Donegal.The property has been up for sale since 2014 but isn’t moving, it is currently rented out. The mortgage was in arrears a few years ago...
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    Buy To Let in Arrears and Negative Equity.

    Hi, bit worried about my financial position. I've a number of properties in a small town in Munster rented out. Not much sympathy out there for landlords I appreciate though I'm a fair landlord and get on well with my tenants. Owe about e1.4m, value about e1m. Value rising by about 100k pa at...