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    One Big Switch - Energia offer -40 per cent off

    One Big Switch have a new offer with Energia - up to 40 per cent of gas and electricity. And a Netatmo smart thermostat free - 329 euro! Has anyone read it to see how real it is - compared to all the other ‘amazing’ other offers out there...
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    Bord Gais discount rate not applied

    Be mindful when you ‘sign up’ for a discount package that you actually get the discount... I queried the package I was on and term with BGE. They reverted to say that I was on a lower percentage discount than I had signed up. Not sure how one can actually check - but fair play for their honesty
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    Bord Gais Energy - hive control system

    Hi all. Bord Gais have an offer with 24 month contract to install the remote control Hive system. Any advice. Also additional fee 200 euro for having house into 2 zones when turn on heating. Any experiences or advice