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    The best value mortgages, credit cards, deposits etc. Questions about these products should be posted in the other forums.

    Although this post was created in 2006 the best buys information is edited and updated regularly.

    Personal loans (€2,000 for one year)
    Personal loans (€10,000 for three years)
    Car finance

    Credit cards
    Credit cards (reward schemes)

    Best Home Loan Deals

    Instant Access and Notice Deposit Accounts
    Regular Saver Accounts
    Fixed Term Deposits

    Current accounts
    Best value current accounts (personal)

    Mobile Phone Packages
    Best Value Prepay Mobile Packages
    Best Value 30 Day Sim Only Mobile Packages

    Unit linked investment funds (lump sum, execution only)

    List of discount brokers

    Travel Insurance
    Best value travel insurance

    Other comparison sites
    The Financial Regulator keeps an up to date list of cost comparisons.

    1. Askaboutmoney does not guarantee the accuracy of any information. We will endeavour to keep all information as up-to-date as possible. If members notice any inaccuracies in the information contained in the Key Posts, please post a reply in the appropriate forum. Make it easy on the moderator by suggesting the exact wording of the replacement and if possible providing a link to where the information can be verified.

    2. Please read the Key Posts before asking questions such as 'which is the best credit card for me?' etc.

    3. Terms and conditions apply to all product offerings — these can be very detailed, and often differ significantly between product providers, so they are not mentioned in great detail in the Key Posts. If you are interested in the products mentioned, please contact the product provider for full information. Askaboutmoney has no connection to the listed providers and their inclusion should not be taken as an endorsement of their products/services.

    4. If members have suggestions for a 'Best Buy' Key Post, please give us feedback, either in a thread, or by sending a PM to the moderator.

    We hope you find this information useful.
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Thread Status:
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