Claiming a refund of Payment Protection Insurance

Discussion in 'Payment Protection Insurance claims' started by Brendan Burgess, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Hey Gerry.

    I'm not too sure if I understand your above post. Are you saying that MBNA are writing to all their customers who held ppi and offering them a settlement?

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    These letters are about Card Protection - not Payment Protection. These card protection policies were supposed to cover losses if your card was stolen etc - but the card providers covered those losses - anyway so the policies were pretty useless. BOI, Ulster and MBNA are all involved.
    Some more info here -
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  3. Gerry Canning

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    Have had sight of the possible refunds on Card Protection Policies.
    Looks like payout will be made on cards since 2006.
    Suggest take the refunds ,should be from 200 to max 700.

    NOTE ; this is NOT payment protection policies (ppi)
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    Hi, new to this forum and I have just read all the previous posts on this thread relating to ppi refunds. Just wondering is there any further updates on this, did the potential court cases ye were talking about for summer '15 take place??
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    I know that the court case v GE Money did go ahead & the claimant won but GE Money have appealed the decision. As far as I'm aware the appeal is due to be heard in the next few months.

    The main issue is the 6 yr rule which is crazy as most of these crap policies that would never payout were sold in the early 00's which put them outside the FSO's remit. I'm my limited knowledge on the case I think the latest ruling puts the 6 yr rule in doubt.

    I'm in dispute with MBNA/ AVANTCARD for the past 16 months over a ppi policy myself so I'm watching this space with interest. As above they are basing their refund figure on the 6 yr rule where as most of the premiums I paid were in the years previous to this. They are basically using the laws in place to suit themselves unless the powers that be tell them otherwise. I've appealed & questioned their decision about 6 times so if the law is changed I'm ready to go.

    It's hard to believe that the laws in this country are protecting them when there was gross misselling.
    MBNA for example paid out full refunds in the UK & are refusing to refund anything beyond 6 yrs in Ireland - crazy or what??

    There's others more up to date on the court appeal than I am so they might update if they see the post.
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    Copy of the thread by Brendan Burgess.

    Maybe someone can update on the status of the GE Capital Woodchester finance Ltd appeal

  7. Gerry Canning

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    1.This case is up for appeal in Supreme Court BUT not until Jan 2017.(justice delayed etc !)
    Even if consumer wins it will have small relevance on the majority of cases, in that I understand Ge fell foul of Statutory rules, that since Ge owned more than 10% of insurance company they were using to sell ppi, Ge erred in not telling customer that. In my view this was the least of miss-selling issues but since it is STATUTORY Ge is caught.
    Even then, unless consumer has proof ie documentation , their cases will go nowhere.

    I strongly advise anyone who had ppi , get hold of and retain any documentation.

    2.The 6 year rule, ?
    At the stroke of a pen Mr Noonan can change that , but he won,t because Banks (his friends) stand to be hit for 2 Billion !

    In Uk ppi claims still are coming in and maybe in ROI other legal avenues are still being pursued but as I say Government could easily cut through their Bank Protection Wall and get some money for voters ?
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    Am trying to keep this PPI issue alive.

    People are rightly angry over Tracker Rate issues.
    People are rightly angry over a lot of Bank issues.

    On PPI .

    This PPI scandal WAY WAY transcends any and all the cumulative refunds on ANY THING else.

    If we work off UK payouts and since PPI was sold in the same way here .

    There is 2 BILLION @ stake here .

    Would appreciate any advice on how to keep this live please.
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    Hi I am just a new user on this thread, I was sold payment protection with is it still possible to put a claim in?
  10. Gerry Canning

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    Breadman ,

    Forget about it .
    If on the off chance some high court /supreme court verdicts resurrect it , rellok at , but for now Banks/ FSO/Central Bank have win V consumer.
  11. Danny Boy

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    Hi Gerry,
    has this got to court yet or is it dead in the water at this stage?
  12. Gerry Canning

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    Danny Boy.
    None are {dead in the water} .
    There are a few high/supreme court cases coming up and each one look like they will open the door on specific issues .
    But without an overarching decision that most PPI was miss sold,not having that overarching decision suits Banks etc, in that most people have (moved) on.
    That said , anyone should apply for their documentation and if they NOW feel they have been miss sold , they should put in a claim .
    If you put in a claim today on the basis that you NOW believe you have found that you have been miss sold , you still have hope.

    I believe the Ge case is in Supreme court by month end and am told other Banks have cases pending against them. With luck some case will apply to majority of PPI.
  13. Danny Boy

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    Cheers Gerry,
    My claim has been logged with MBNA since 2015 so as they say in the captain birdseye advert "it's on file in the filing cabinet". Obviously nothing has happened in the meantime so if there is positive news in those cases I'm in their system & ready to be reactivated plus I have copies of everything.

    Thanks for the information.